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About the Designer, Sarah 
Designer Sarah Liller in her Studio

Sarah’s philosophy about design and dressing is simple: buy fewer, higher quality items, make them simple so that they can be worn for a number of different occasions, make them comfortable and unfussy so that the confidence of the woman wearing the clothes can shine through, and make them washable to fit into the lives of the fantastic, busy women that wear them.

She developed Sarah Liller SF because she had such a difficult time finding these types of clothes in the market. Everything was either cheaply made or over designed, so she decided to design and make the types of clothes that she would want to wear. Each garments is produced to exacting standards of quality out of some of the very best knit fabrics you can find. Softness, stretch, and breathability are the key components to the fabrics she chooses. Colors are chosen to be versatile and can blend into your wardrobe from spring to summer to fall and winter. She does all cutting and sewing in California to ensure ethical practices and tries to use domestically milled fabrics whenever she can.

Sarah attended Parson’s Design School in New York City and moved to San Francisco to start her company because she was inspired by the beautiful landscape and chic, urban lifestyle there. Sarah designs each piece in the collection in her sun-soaked studio in the Mission District of San Francisco.

In addition to attending Parson’s, Sarah was part of the 2013 Macy’s Fashion Incubator of San Francisco. She has shown at New York Fashion week and has dressed a number of women on the red carpet. She was also chosen to co-host the PBS documentary Making a Buck in Beijing, where she met with China based fashion and tech companies to establish business relationships in China. Her garments are worn by urbanites on the go, stylish moms, and low key fashionistas. The women who wear them are diverse, but they have one thing in common, a desire to look and feel great and a desire to live their lives with purpose.