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About Sarah Liller SF
About the Designer, Sarah Liller
Designer Sarah Liller in her Studio


Hi, my name is Sarah, and I design Sarah Liller SF.

I created Sarah Liller SF because most of the clothing in the women’s market was either cheaply made or over-designed. I needed clothing that was easy to wear, comfortable, and well made, wardrobe staples that I could throw on and instantly feel put together.

Being a successful designer requires a certain amount of empathy and human connection. I design Sarah Liller SF to fit your lifestyle. I deeply care about my customers and want to make clothing that delights them. I use the softest, drapiest jersey fabric I can find to make clothes that feel good, travel well, and are 100% washable. My clothes are flattering to a number of different body types. I make dresses with pockets.

Not only do my clothes feel good, but you can feel good about purchasing them. Every piece is sewn in downtown San Francisco and I source fabrics that are milled in the USA whenever I can, lowering your carbon footprint and ensuring ethical labor practices. Apparel production is one of the few industries that hasn’t been automated. There is a huge human component involved, and I think it’s worthwhile paying a little more for clothing when you know that the person making it is treated with dignity and respect.

With Much Love,


P.S. If you believe in my mission and also love fashion, please click here to join my community of like-minded women.