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What Shoes To Wear With Cropped Pants
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What Shoes To Wear With Cropped Pants

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I was chatting with a customer last month about cropped pants. She said that she sees them everywhere these days, but she has no idea how to wear them.

Almost all pants on the market now are a bit cropped, whether Audrey Hepburn inspired slim trousers or wide leg gaucho pants. The problem many women have with them is that they sometimes make your legs look short.

I LOVE cropped pants! There's some Puritanical yearning in me that thinks ankles are sexy. Also, cropped pants are nice because they are a bit cooler than full length pants and they look fresh and springy, and paired with the right shoes, I think they can be a fresh addition to your wardrobe!

Today I am putting together a little guide for which shoes to wear with cropped pants.

Best shoes to wear with cropped pants ballet flats

1. Ballet flats - ballet flats to the rescue, once again! These are an easy, chic shoe to pair with wide leg pants. I especially love the pointy variety, as they lengthen the legs. Bonus points if you find a good nude pair, since those will make you look like you have legs for days.

what shoes to wear with cropped pants

2. Flat Sandals - for an ultra summery look, flat sandals are the best. Strappy or simple slides, you really can't go wrong. One thing to point out, though, is that the more skin you show on your feet, the longer your legs will look, so show off the toe cleavage!

What shoes to wear with cropped pants

3. Sandals With A Heel - If you're going out and need a little sass or a little height, for that matter, a heeled sandal is a great choice for cropped pants. Be careful about the ankle straps, though. You don't want it to wrap too high above the ankle bone.

What shoes to wear with cropped pants sneakers

4. Sneakers - This is my signature look and how I dress most days. I LOVE sneakers with cropped pants. I typically do a high top in early spring, heading into summer. I usually like the top of the high top to hit right below the hem of the pants so that just a sliver of skin or sock shows. Come warmer weather, I swap them out for a low top. Be sure to stock up on some good no-show socks to wear with these.

shoes to wear with cropped pants pumps

5. Pumps - If you have to dress up for work or are spending a night on the town, pumps are a great go-to, and since they elongate your legs, they are a great shoe option for cropped pants. Pump up the sex appeal (pun intended).

What shoes to wear with cropped pants ankle boots

6. Ankle boots - this is a great transitional look that is great for work. The ankle boots should have a higher shaft - look for ones that are at least 6 inches. You don't want very much skin showing between the boot and the pant hem. The shaft should also be narrow, so as not to give you the look of having cankles.

I hope this post has inspired you to try out some cropped pants! Leave me a note in the comments to let me know how you style cropped pants.