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Top 5 Sustainable Clothing Brands for Women Over 40

Top 5 Sustainable Clothing Brands for Women Over 40


5. Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman is a New York based designer who offers classic silhouettes with a modern flare. Her designs are approachable and easy to wear for every day while also looking put together and elegant. Since 2015, Hoffman has been looking into ways to make her brand more sustainable and eco-friendly. Hoffman prioritizes using natural, recycled and organic fibers as well as implementing fair treatment of workers and minimizing waste. You can learn more about Mara Hoffman at https://marahoffman.com/  

4. Mate the Label

With basic staples like tees, tanks, sweats, etc. Mate the Label believes in keeping things organic, essential, and ethical. Mate is using sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton jersey, Tencel, organic thermal, organic terry, linen, and fleece in order to lower carbon emissions. All production takes place in Los Angeles following ethical working conditions and responsible dyeing techniques. https://matethelabel.com/  

3. Amour Vert

A mix of dressy, casual, and lounge wear; Amour Vert uses sustainable materials to create beautiful looks for all occasions. With an office in San Francisco, 97% of their production is done locally in the Bay Area in order to have a smaller carbon footprint. Amour Vert also has a tree planting program where a tree is planted, in collaboration with American Forests, for every t-shirt bought. https://amourvert.com/    

2. Eileen Fisher

Simple styles made with fair-trade and organic fabrics. In addition to using responsible fabric and dyeing techniques, Eileen Fisher has started programs in order to be more sustainable and ethical. Some of these programs include Renew, where you take back your old pieces and she repurposes them into new products; Waste no more, in which damaged garments are used to make new designs; and mentorship programs to help women find their strength and voices. http://www.eileenfisher.com/

1. Sarah Liller San Francisco

Sarah Liller is a Bay Area women’s wear designer who offers effortless styles that make women feel comfortable and beautiful. All production is done in San Francisco, with fabrics milled in the US, to ensure a smaller carbon footprint and make sure that all workers are treated ethically and kindly. Her philosophy of easy elegance has led her to make well-fitting, wear anywhere clothes that are machine washable. https://sarahliller.com/