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The History of the Jumpsuit
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The History of the Jumpsuit

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Jumpsuits are synonymous these days with fashionable women, but where exactly did they originateThe jumpsuit was first created in 1919 to be worn by parachuters who were, literally, jumping out of planes. Hence, the name jumpsuit.
It was introduced to the fashion set in the late 1930's by Elsa Schiaparelli - a rival of Coco Chanel. Her jumpsuits were much talked about, but not worn by very many. She created a collection inspired by the coming war which included a women’s jumpsuit cut from green silk, featuring large front pockets. While these were met with positive reactions, luxury jumpsuits were put on hold as the war began. Women began wearing cotton overalls during the 1940’s as they stepped up to work in place of the men fighting overseas.
One of the most famous examples of a woman wearing a jumpsuit was Rosie the Riveter - who sported a blue utilitarian jumpsuit during WWII.
Jumpsuits started to become popular in 1960's and achieved hyper-popularity in the 70's, worn by men and women alike! From Cher to Elvis, jumpsuits ruled the music industry. Jumpsuits were a popular look with people frequenting the disco scene. During this important time of women's liberation, jumpsuits were clever, as the flowing cuts allowed the ease of movement of pants with the appearance of a dress.
It was so popular that by 1980, designer, Geoffrey Beane declared it "the ballgown of the next century" Like most styles in the 1980's, big and bold were in. Jumpsuits were cut more like the power suits of the day, and bright colors and embellishments ruled. These were statement pieces; however, they were appealing because you could make a large impact without a lot of thought - effortless style!
It lost favor in the coming decades but was re-imagined in the late 2000's. Now it is appreciated by stylish women as an easy answer to one-piece dressing.
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