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Mother Daughter Jumpsuits
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Mother Daughter Jumpsuits

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One thing I am really proud of is how my clothes can look good on so many different women, regardless of size, shape, and age, so when Micaela of Oh My Drifter and Drifter Organics said that she thought it would be great for her mom and her to take their new bio picture in matching Sarah Liller jumpsuits, I jumped at the chance. Here you see Micaela in the cobalt and her mom, Dawn, in the wine. I think they look super cute! Micaela's mom said that she loved the jumpsuit and that it felt like PJ's!

drifter organics michaela and dawn in jumpsuits

Micaela and Dawn have a company together, Drifter Organics. They make the most wonderful organic skin care products. It's basically like the yummiest, healthiest smoothie for your skin. Check them out!

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