How To Wear Pink And Not Look Like A Toddler

We’ve all lusted after it…the perfect pink dress or bag or shoes, but what I hear a lot of clients say often when they gaze longingly at a pink object of desire, is that they have no idea how to wear pink. Black...easy. Navy…totally makes sense. Throw in a crazy color and people start to lose their shit. Make that color pink and people really lose their minds!

everlane Berry cashmere sweater

Personally, I’ve recently embarked on a pink journey, and it all started with an Everlane cashmere crew in a color call “Berry.” Now, berry is really a nice way of saying “Barbie pink,” and the last time I wore that color was in high school. Something about it felt really fresh and daring to me, though, so I bought it, and it opened the floodgates. I LOVE pink! I think it feels fresh and modern and young, and I am so excited to share with you some tips on how to wear it and not feel juvenile.


Wear it with neutrals

A good way to ease into wearing more color in your wardrobe is to pair one bright piece with your wardrobe of neutrals. Pink looks great with black, navy, taupe, grey, and even olive green.

Wear pink with neutrals how to wear pink

Wear a lighter, blush color

The shade of pink can make a big difference. I actually consider blush pink to be a neutral. Granted, I work in fashion and that makes my perception of things a little skewed compared to the average person, but, trust me, blush pink can be your gateway drug to color. Next thing you know it, you might have a hankering for mint or, brace yourself, pastel yellow!

wear blush pink if you are just starting to wear pink

Lean heavily on structured menswear

Pink tends to look much less juvenile or “girly girl” when it’s done in a structured pant or blazer. I’m a knits girl, and I’m not a huge fan of super structured clothing, but I have been known to throw a menswear inspired blazer over my Penelope jumpsuit for a business meeting. It’s definitely a fun place to try a little pink in your wardrobe without feeling like Strawberry Shortcake.

wear pink as a structured piece

Keep the silhouettes easy and not too body conscious

The easier the silhouette, the easier your overall look will be. A tight pink dress WILL make you look like you’re going to a Barbie convention. Don’t do it. If you’re ready to start on your pink journey, may I suggest you start with our easy, a-line dress with sleeves and pockets, the Katie dress? Our spring pink is the perfect shade of blush, it’s bright and cheerful while still wearable. I wear it with black tights and boots now, but I will be wearing it with a clog sandal and a jean jacket later this spring. 

Just for my blog readers, I'm offering 20% off the Katie dress in blush with code "ThinkPink"
easy pink a-line dress with sleeves and pockets

Pink is one of the funnest colors out there, and whether you love it or hate it, it does make people take notice. Especially if you’re the Pink Lady of Hollywood. She really loves pink. Enjoy and let me know some of your favorite ways to wear pink.


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