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How To: Transitional Pieces With The Persephone Wrap Dress
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How To: Transitional Pieces With The Persephone Wrap Dress

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Hi ladies! Although it doesn't feel like it, Spring is just around the corner and we are in that awkward phase where we are so desperate for the warmer weather but the rain (or snow!) just keeps coming down. Check out the video below to see how I style the brand new piece in the Spring 2019 collection, the Persephone Dress, to take us from that colder weather and into the sunshine. 
It is the perfect piece to add to your travel wardrobe because it is transitional from winter to spring, day to night, plus, who doesn't love a dress with pockets?

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Get The Look:

Wrap Dress: Sarah Liller Persephone Dress
Scarf: Bloom and Give Diti Scarf
Boots: Beyond Skin Lyra Knee High Boots
Cardigan: Naked Cashmere Natalia 

Wrap Dress: Sarah Liller Persephone Wrap Dress
Denim Jacket: FashionABLE The Naibi Jacket
Shoes: Vega Esplar Sneaker

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"Hey Ladies, designer Sarah Liller here from San Francisco. So I just released my new spring collection the other day and it's cold and rainy here in San Francisco. And from what I hear, it's cold and snowy in lots of other parts of the U.S. So I wanted to make a video today talking about how I'm wearing my new Persephone wrap dress now in the cold weather and how I plan on wearing it in the spring. So the Persephone wrap dress is my latest style. It's really great and I'm really excited about it because it's made from this new, Jersey rib fabric. You can still wash it, it's still travels great, but it adds a little bit of texture to the textile and it doesn't show any lumps or bumps, which is always a plus. This dress is great. It's sleeveless, it has pockets, and it has this pleated detail on the front, which I love because it hides everything you don't want to show.

Wrap dresses are great because they're flattering on a lot of different body types and because they show off your shape, they can be very sexy. But still in a very work appropriate sort of way. Uh, so how am I wearing this in the wintertime? So I have my trusty cashmere Cardigan, which I like to have a little bit longer because, personally, I have a pretty short torso, so it lengthens the silhouette. I'm wearing it with my tall boots, which I love because not only did they keep me warmer, but they add kind of a seventies flair. I'd also suggest wearing tights under your dress because as the wind blows that's going to keep you a lot warmer. And I'm wearing a scarf. I wanted to cover up my decolletage a little bit because I'm always cold around my neck.

And this is another way to just keep you warmer. So this is a really pretty look. It's super layered and it looks super stylish, especially with the tall boots. And I'm going to show you how I plan on wearing it once the weather gets warmer. So stay tuned...

And I'm back! So let's imagine that it's a beautiful 75 degree day and I decided that I want to wear my wrap dress out. I'm pairing it with a cropped Jean Jacket. I love where this jacket hits and it's like right at the hipbone. I think that's a really fun, cool place to have your jean jacket hit. And I have it paired with some sneakers. I have high tops on right now because those are what I currently have. But come spring time I'll probably switch over to some low top something or other. But I love how a crisp white sneaker really makes the look look hip and cool. And it's also very practical because my feet feel really good right now. Sneakers are a great way to kind of make a look, look a little more hip, but this would also look great with a pair of flats, a sandal or a little Oxford would be cute as well. So this is the Perseophone wrap dress. You can get it at sarahliller.com and it's perfect to wear now and in the spring!"