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How To: Pair Your Necklace With Your Neckline
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How To: Pair Your Necklace With Your Neckline

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"Hi, my name is Sarah Liller and I'm a clothing designer based in San Francisco and today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about which necklace to pair with all the different necklines in your closet. Accessories are a great way to jazz up a very simple outfit and also show off your personal style and your personality. So to my right here, I have a jumpsuit from my collection and it features a v-neck. V-necks are great. They're pretty much the most universally flattering neckline. They look good if you are busty or if you have a small bust. Most women find that they are just really, really nice because they bring attention up to your face. So a way to further bring attention up to your face is to wear a shorter necklace with your v-neck. You don't want to do a long necklace because what's going to happen is either it's going to hit right where the V hits and it's gonna get lost in it, or it's going to hang down below and that's going to draw attention down. 


And we want to draw attention up to your beautiful face. For a crew neck, which is like the dress that I have on, or a turtleneck I find as a fairly petite woman that I liked toward a longer necklaces with those necklines. I find that because I have something so far up, it has a nice balance to it. A little tip for long necklaces, especially if you're a petite, you don't want them to hit anywhere lower than your belly button. That's gonna make you look really, really small compared to the necklace. And that just doesn't work. If you're really, really tall, you can totally pull off a super long necklace. But if you're probably 5’5 and under like I am, it's not such a good look, but alum necklace is nice because it lengthens your torso and it can make you look taller as long as the proportion is right. 


Another great thing to wear with a crew neck or a turtleneck, especially, is a bib necklace. So something that's more of a statement that sits up a little bit higher on the neck, that’s kind of a big piece. What's nice about crew necks and turtlenecks is they offer this beautiful blank canvas for you to really show off your necklaces, and so that's a great way to kind of make more of a bold statement if you're wearing a crew neck or a turtleneck. If you’re wearing a scoop neck like I have on this dress from my collection to the left, you have a lot more options. So scoop necks are great because you can wear either a long or short necklace. If you're going to go with a shorter necklace, my suggestion is to wear one that is falls either halfway or a little below halfway between the base of your neck and the top of your shirt or dress that's going to offer the best proportion. 


If it gets too high, you start to look like you're in an Elizabethan painting, which is not very modern. And it's kind of a weird proportion if you've ever looked at that at a museum before. So it looks a lot better if you have something that kind of sits halfway. I'll show you because I have a long necklace hanging back here. Long necklaces also look great with a scoop neck and my suggestion is that the more the scoop neck kind of starts to approach a bateau, or boat neck, you definitely want to do a long necklace because that's going to balance out the proportion as opposed to making this book kind of stubby. So a long necklaces or short necklaces with the scoop neck. You've got lots of choices there. 

Again, fashion is all about finding things that you like, that are fun, that work for you and experimenting. So this is a great place to start a kind of having these general rules and then feel free to break them. If it looks good to you and that's what's important. 


So if you like watching this video, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or on my blog at sarahliller.com Hit that subscribe button, hit the like button, follow me and I'll be putting out more style tips every week. Thanks so much for watching! Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon!"