How to dress up one of my comfy summer dresses for a wedding

how to dress up a jersey dress for a wedding

Hi Lovelies!

Designer Sarah here! We're in the heat of the summer, and you know what that season!

How many times have you been at a wedding in the middle of a vineyard or a field or by a lake and the dress you're wearing makes you so hot or is so uncomfortable that you literally want to rip it off and streak down the aisle in the middle of the ceremony? If I could count the number of times that I've felt beads of sweat drip down my legs in the middle of someone's vows, I'd be rich!

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way! You can wear a comfortable, easy, and most importantly, breathable (no polyester sweat-inducers here) dress and dress it up for any occasion with your accessories. It's my magic trick to dressing up something simple for attending a wedding. You'll look chic and feel good in what you're wearing. See my examples below!

 how to dress up an a-line jersey dress

Here I'm wearing my A-line sleeveless dress with pockets with some strappy sandals, a blingy necklace, and a silk scarf that I've knotted the corners of and am wearing as a shawl. The easy flattering silhouette means that I don't have to worry about having that slice of cake, and the flowy silhouette is great for doing spins on the dance floor. 

draped front faux wrap dress in blushdraped front faux wrap dress in sage

I couldn't decide which color of my draped front faux wrap dress I wanted to feature (they are both so pretty), so I took pictures in both the blush and the sage green. By putting my hair into an up-do, adding some heels and sparkly earrings, and a smear of red lipstick, I am instantly dressed up enough for a wedding. The pretty summer colors keep it fresh and light, and the breathable rayon/lycra fabric keeps you cool as a cucumber. Think of the advantage you'll have in catching that bouquet by not being stuffed into your dress!

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Have fun at all those summer weddings and event you'll for sure be attending!



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