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Finding joy in dressing for staying home
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Finding joy in dressing for staying home

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Most of us are spending a good deal more time at home during this COVID-19 outbreak. Before all this craziness started, being at home was a luxury for me. I felt like I always had to rush around. Weekend plans and work demands made me go, go, go all the time. Now I'm forced to be home, so I’m really trying to lean in to what a luxurious home experience can be (while still maintaining a business), and what that means as far as getting dressed in the morning.

It’s so easy to wear sweat pants and a stained t-shirt when you’re at home. Who’s going to see, right? For some people, they really aren’t affected by their clothing at all, but for many of us, getting dressed and feeling “put together” is a deeply rooted joy.

I think back to old movies, as I often do, where a woman would be in silk pajamas, covered in jewels, drinking a martini while lounging at home. You probably don’t want to be drinking too many martinis while writing emails to your staff, but there must be a modern equivalent to this kind of at home luxury.

It really boils down to having some comfortable items in your closet that still feel upscale and small touches that infuse style into not only your outfit, but your way of being. Lounging should feel luxurious, so here are the ways that I try to add a little luxury into my at home outfits and beauty routine. These may seem insignificant, but they can have a major impact on motivation and how you feel while at home.

  • Put on jewelry, every day, and during this crisis, put on the good stuff, the stuff you usually save for a special occasion
  • Find some comfortable, stretchy pants that still feel upscale (not yoga pants or sweats). I have a lot of options here – look for items with stretch in a drapey fabric like silk, rayon, or linen. Elastic or drawstring waistbands are the key here, as they are the most comfortable.
  • Wear a cozy cardigan to feel like you’re wrapped in a blanket. This should be one that you would feel comfortable leaving the house in.
  • Invest in some house slippers that look like they could go outside but don’t. Birdies has some lovely options.
  • Put on perfume or essential oils every day
  • Get some really good tea to make at home and indulge in a cup of tea while you listen to your favorite music. I, personally, love floral teas, and the Tea Spot has some lovely loose leaf ones.
  • Shave your legs (if you normally do) – I find that this always makes me feel better, even if no one is going to be seeing or touching my legs anytime soon.
  • Get a nice tube of hand cream to put next to your computer. Take time after you wash your hands to put it on, take a whiff, and give yourself a hand massage.
  • Do you nails – that requires at least 20 minutes (don't rush it) and try to do it as mindfully as possible. Turn off your phone and step away from your laptop.
  • Cook yourself a nice lunch, sit down at the table to eat it, away from your computer. Try face-timing with a friend to have a virtual lunch date.
  • Schedule 20 minutes into your afternoon to do something that fills you up, like a quick yoga session, reading a book, or listening to a TED talk.
  • Look out the window for 5 minutes - set a timer and not a second less. 

I would love to hear any way that you are staying sane while at home during all this. Please comment below with any tips you'd like to share.