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Ruhi Thakker in Sarah Liller SF jumpsuit Eat Prey Style Blog
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Easy Jersey Jumpsuit on Eat, Pray, Style Blog

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Bay Area blogger Ruhi Thakker came by my studio a couple of weeks ago to meet me, chat about local design, and look at the spring/summer collection. We wanted to pick out a piece for her to wear for a blog post on her blog, Eat, Pray, Style. The jumpsuit is always a favorite of mine, and I just knew that the sand color would look amazing on her!

She featured my easy, jersey jumpsuit in sand on her blog. Check out some of the great photos she took around the mission district of SF below! Also, I asked her to answer three questions about the fashion industry, check out her answers!

Ruhi Thakker eat, pray, style blog

1. Why do you think sustainable fashion is so important?

The fashion industry can be just as dirty as it is glamorous. In college, I watched the documentary "Made in LA", where I was introduced to the poor labor practices many fast fashion companies are supporting. Watching that film got me curious about the problem. I began reading and watching other films that proved the same point over and over again: it isn't that raw textiles aren't going up in price, it's that when they do, brands are cutting other costs to maintain the reasonable prices consumers are demanding to pay for trendy clothing. That compromised cost comes at a price of other human's wellbeing. This is a trend that needs to be broken and can happen when consumers begin educating themselves on where their products are sourced from & how they are made. 

sarah liller sf jumpsuit

2. As a blogger, why do you think it's important to support local designers?

As a fashion blogger, my mission is to introduce people to sustainable brands they aren't familiar with. This, for me, begins in my backyard. By focusing on local brands, I have had the opportunity to get to know the designer on a personal level and learn their philosophy of fashion - which I find are important, especially if I am committing myself to a brand. Plus, everyone has heard of ASOS and Stella McCartney - consumers aren't following bloggers to learn about these brands. It's all about experimenting with and recommending the best emerging brands to my followers, so they can also expand their knowledge of brands. 

Ruhi Thakker in sarah liller sf jumpsuit

3. What do you think is most important for someone to develop a sense of "personal style?"
  My favorite quote about style is said by Yves Saint Laurent, and goes like this: "Fashion fades. Style is eternal". I like to think of style as an anchor within fashion. Fashion is ever-evolving and we see trends changing so rapidly. In order for us to remain consistent with the way we dress, it is important for us to have that anchor to stay grounded when these trends emerge. When someone asks me about developing their style, I always tell them one thing: finding a comfortable style is not something that will happen overnight and takes trial and error to get right. Style is something you develop into, just like your personality and alters over time. It's always great to have influencers to look up to, but it's also important to listen to your body when choosing what to wear. If you're not comfortable in it or you think it's too extreme - it's not for you.
Ruhi Thakker of eat pray style blog
Get this beautiful jumpsuit before it's all gone! Click HERE or on the pic below!

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