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5 Ways To Wear Dresses In The Winter For Women Over 30
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5 Ways To Wear Dresses In The Winter For Women Over 30

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Dresses are most women's go-to in the summer, but what about winter? Well, they are a bit more of a styling challenge. How do you stay warm while still looking put together? I'm here to help! Here are 5 ways to wear a dress in the winter:

1. Over a turtleneck - stores still sell sleeveless dresses in the winter. Usually they are made out of a heavier fabric, like a sweater knit or suede, in seasonal colors, but other than throwing on a jacket - it might be difficult to figure out how to wear them. This is wear a trusty turtleneck comes in. It usually looks best if it's a more fitted style and you can either go tonal or, if your dress has a print, try to match one of the colors. Mesh turtlenecks are also great under a dress because they still offer a little sheer but keep you covered and warm - I have some HERE.

how to wear a dress in winter for women over 30

Source: Who What Wear

2. Over Black Tights - this seems like the most obvious thing possible, but it's a bit harder to master than you would think. The dress' hem should be either mid-thigh or between mid-calf and the ankle (midi length), otherwise, it tends to look bulky and immature. Black tights are the most classic and easy, but other winter colors - navy, chocolate brown, hunter green etc, can look nice.

How to wear a dress in winter for women over 30

Source: Olivia Palermo

3. Over Black Pants - A slim black pant will look great under a tunic, shorter dress, or for an artsy looks, under a mid-length dress. Pair with a comfy sneaker to run errands and add a cool, casual touch. 

how to wear a dress in the winter

Source: Who What Wear

4. With faux fur pieces - Faux fur is a fun way to make an outfit a little more funky and winter appropriate. A faux fur vest or cropped jacket is a great addition to a dress. Pair with some high boots with the socks peaking out of the top. The picture below is featuring my best selling Katie Dress.

how to wear a dress in winter

Image from @iamterib

5. With knee high boots - These are the perfect way to extend your winter dress wearing. Wear a dress that hits just about the level of the boot or pair a longer dress with a high boot for a chic, 70's inspired look.


Source: ItsRosy

What's your favorite way to wear a dress in winter? Let me know in the comments below!

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