5 Ways To Style A Mesh Turtleneck

It's a question as old as time. How in the heck do I wear/style/whatever a mesh turtleneck? (Maybe not that old of a question). Fear not, ladies, it's actually one of the most versatile pieces you will buy this season! I've got 5 ways to style your new mesh turtleneck!

1. By itself with a high-waist pant - the high waist is key here, because you don't want to show too much skin, for fear you might look like a go-go dancer from 1999. A high-rise pant and a tonal bra will show just enough skin to be a little daring. I'm wearing mine with my easy, pleated pant...perfect for a night out!

How to wear a mesh turtlneck

2. Under a collared shirt - this is the ultimate layering piece. Add a little pop, some dimension, and not to mention, some warmth, to your favorite button down. This is a great look for the office, or pair with a jean for the weekend!

how to style a mesh turtleneck

3. Under a blazer - Again, this is a great look for the office. You get a little pop of shear under the blazer. It adds texture to the outfit, and looks totally chic!

how to wear a mesh turtleneck

4. Under a sweater - Layering totally makes you look like you tried! Add an extra layer of warmth under that cashmere sweater. It looks great!

how to style a mesh turtleneck

5. Under just about anything, but especially my jumpsuit and faux wrap dress - This looks great if you go contrast (pictured) or monochromatic (black on black, etc). It's a great way to make your favorite pieces last through multiple seasons, which means more value for your favorite pieces!

how to wear a mesh turtleneck

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