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4 Tricks for covering your arms this summer
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4 Tricks for covering your arms this summer

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  1. Sleeves

This is a no brainer, but it deserves some discussion. You need to take into account the fabric of your blouse or dress and the tightness of the sleeves. Look for breathable fabrics (cotton, linen, rayon, tencel, etc) and say “no” to polyester and wool. Silk can also be a bit warm, and since it often needs to be dry cleaned, sticky summer might not be the best time to wear.

Also, look for looser fitting sleeves. Tight fitting sleeves hold in the heat and also tend to have a more autumnal look. Bohemian or peasant style tops are great options.

  1. Light cardigans

Look for a lightweight cardigan, preferably in one of the breathable fabrics listed above. Cotton and linen make particularly nice choices. You can wear a long dramatic duster for a beachy look or a cropped cardigan that hits at the waist.

  1. Wrap a scarf around you

A patterned or solid cotton scarf is the perfect way to cover your arms while wearing sleeveless styles this summer. Use a large scarf – drape it over your shoulders and tie it in either the front or the back. You could also wrap it around yourself and secure with a broach.

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  1. Wear a button up shirt open over your favorite sleeveless styles

Nothing’s more summery than a crisp white or chambray button up. I love to wear these over sleeveless dresses or a tank top and a skirt. It adds a little style to the look, as well, since the additional layer make you look like you tried.

I have a question for you: I’m wondering if I should make some little boleros or something to cover the arms for the line. Is this something you’d be interested in? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments.