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3 Ways to style a duster
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3 Ways to style a duster

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What do you think of when you hear the word "duster?" Many think of the feather poof Miss Scarlet carried in the Clue game, but it has another meaning.
Dusters are long, lightweight jackets. They were originally worn by cowboys to keep trail dust off their clothes. After the invention of the automobile, people wore them out on drives.
Nowadays dusters are a fun way to add a little drama to your look while adding another layer. Adding a layer, or as I lovingly call it, "the third piece," is an easy way to look put together. How to style one of these pieces can be confusing.
One thing I hear you tell me a lot about this style is that it doesn't work for unless you're super tall. Well, I am 5'5" and I LOVE my duster. You have to find one where the proportions are right for your body.
Floor length is WAY too much. I admire people who pull off that kind of drama, but it doesn't work for 99% of people. Aim for one that hits somewhere between below the knee and 2" above the ankle. Believe me, you CAN wear this if you are petite.
I took a few photos in my backyard today. I show you three ways to style my Acacia duster. Constructed from a rayon/linen blend, the Acacia duster is light and airy and perfect for summer!
how to wear a duster stay at home style
Look 1: Easy at home style, featuring the Acacia duster, Amelie Pants, and Rosemary tank top. Curling up with a good book or your laptop never looked so chic! A comfy tank and elastic waist pants feel put together with a duster on top. It elevates the look and adds sophistication.
3 ways to wear a duster
Look 2: Wear over a long dress. Many of you like to cover your knees as you get older, so a long dress is the answer for that in the summertime. Here you see the Acacia duster over my Gabby dress. You want there to be a few inches between the hem of the dress and duster to make the proportion right. Again, this is a nice way to add some texture to a simple outfit and feel stylish.
how to wear a duster
Look 3: Wear with jeans and a tank. Many of you don't feel comfortable showing your arms, so when wearing a tank and jeans, throw on a duster! Bonus points for wearing a matching set like I'm wearing. I'm wearing the Acacia duster with the Chloe tank and a pair of stretchy denim. The white adds an easy, summer vibe and looks particularly nice with jeans.