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Fashion Blogger Jumpsuit
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3 bloggers, 1 awesome jumpsuit

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wannabe fashion blogger

Jumpsuits can be tricky. Countless clients have said this to me before they try on one of my best selling easy jersey jumpsuits. I get it! There's torso issues and pant length issues, but my jumpsuit fits a lot of different people and body types. The secret is in the forgiving fit and the stretchy, super comfy (but not clingy) jersey fabric. Check out the jumpsuit on three different fashion bloggers below and what they had to say about it.

Tamryn Miller - Wannabe Fashion Blogger

"Not only is it impeccably made, but it is SO comfortable to wear for just about any occasion. For today’s post, I decided to dress it up a touch with my faux leather jacket and statement shoes so you can see how amazing it would be to wear this versatile piece out on the town. With fall on the horizon, I have been gravitating toward shades of green and this olive jumpsuit fits right in with my latest obsession. I also wish you could jump right into these pictures and feel how soft this jumpsuit is. Slipping it on is a breeze and using the restroom is a non issue, unlike many of the other jumpsuits I have in my closet that require crazy stretches and awkward positions just to get it back on in the bathroom."

Wannabe Fashion Blogger Sarah Liller Jumpsuit

Image courtesy of Wannabe Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger olive jumpsuit

Image courtesy of Wannabe Fashion Blogger

Micaela Hoo - Oh My Drifter

"The best part about this jumpsuit is it’s not dry clean only! So many independent designers with their fancy ethically-sourced organic fabrics are dry clean only—which is all fine and well—but Sarah just makes it more convenient. "

Oh My drifter sarah liller jumspuit

Image Courtesy of Oh My Drifter

sarah liller jumpsuit fashion blogger

Image courtesy of Oh My Drifter

Ruhi Thakker - Eat, Pray, Style

"Since the temperature was in the 70's this weekend, I couldn't resist pulling out this beautiful jumpsuit by Sarah Liller SF. This nude jumpsuit is made of airy, jersey fabric that makes clothing feel almost non-existant!"

Jersey jumpsuit

Image courtesy of Eat, Pray Style

eat, pray, style blog jumspuit

Image courtesy of Eat, Pray, Style

I love how they all are so different and style the jumpsuit in their own way. That's my passion, to make things that are easy enough for you to make your own. 

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