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10 Ways to know if someone’s from San Francisco…or at least has lived there a while.
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10 Ways to know if someone’s from San Francisco…or at least has lived there a while.

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I moved to San Francisco from New York six and a half years ago.  I literally sobbed in my boyfriend's arms when I left.  I loved New York and my friends there and my life, but I had made the decision to move to San Francisco because I was already jaded by the fashion scene in New York and I knew I wanted to start a business, and San Francisco, while not a fashion capitol, struck me as being an entrepreneurial mecca. 

I just got back from a visit to New York having not been back for three years, and I've never been more confident that my decision to move to San Francisco was a good one.  I LOVE my city and the people I've met here. It's become such a large part of my brand and my personal identity. I'm not a native, but I think by the time I get to 10 years, I might be able to call myself an honorary San Franciscan.  

For fun, when I got back, I made a list of 10 ways you can tell if someone's from San Francisco, or, at least, has lived there a while.  Enjoy, and, please, add you own in the comments.

1. They are the expert at separating garbage and gaze at other place’s trash receptacles with a mix of confusion and disgust if there isn’t the trifecta of recycling, compost, and waste.

Image Courtesy Wikipedia
2. They are literally afraid to leave the house without a jacket. They could be in the Mexican Riviera in the middle of July and the thought will cross their mind, “what if the wind picks up, I don’t want to be cold.”
3.They know the importance of burritos to their survival and also know that a real burrito has rice in it.
SF Buritto
Image courtesy of Cyneats
4. They have gotten so used to having amazing produce available all year long, that they get really confused at the idea of a frozen or canned vegetable, unless their friend who lives in Oakland is doing the canning.
Image coutesy SFenvironment.org
5. They may not do it in person, but they will roll their eyes at you if you call San Francisco “SF” or “San Fran” or, (yikes) “Frisco.” It's either San Francisco or "The City."
Image courtesy of  www.spreadshirt.com
6. They know way more about new technology than any of their friends and family that don’t live in San Francisco, even if they don’t work in tech.
7. They find it natural to wait in line for 40 minutes for a croissant or ice cream or an artisanal doughnut because that first bite (and Instagram photo) is totally worth it!
Image courtesy of Business Insider
8. They’ve probably never ridden on a cable car and have only been to Fisherman’s Wharf because their teenage cousin who was visiting wanted to go. Real San Franciscans never eat anything out of a bread bowl.
Image courtesy of SheKnows
9. They have a personal relationship with the fog to the point of giving it a name…it’s Karl, if you’re wondering, and he has a twitter account.
Courtesy of National Geographic
10. They still have their breath taken away every time they drive over the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge or up the 101 or the 280 and see that city skyline.
Image courtesy of SF Chronicle
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